Maintenance & Repair :

DNP     CX330 & CXD80 XID9300  XID8300

Matica  S5000G & S5000E  S7000  T10/T20

NBS S18 & D40   Evolis Quantum 1&2

Datacard  MaxSys  DC9000   DC280/DC150i  





                                               USED CARD PRINTERS

                              Matica MS10 Card Mailer & PFE Folder Inserter


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                                              Matica XID8300 Retransfer Printer                        


          Double-sided & Contactless-coupler &  6 Months warranty  € 1.850,00  As New!

                                                     Datacard  DC150i Embosser                                 


                                              Topper, Indent, MagStripe.  € 1.250,00   As New!                     


                                           CARD DESIGN & PRODUCTION SOFTWARE

                                                                  Cardpresso XM                     


                                                                  Price € 225,00                                  

                                                               PARTS ON STOCK

          Datacard SP35 Plus Main Board                                  Datacard SP55/CP60  Duplex Module

          20190304_095134.jpg   20190304_093508.jpg


 Datacard SP55/CP60 MagStripe Module                             Datacard SP55/CP60 Smartcard Module


                Datacard Gears & Shafts Parts                                            Datacard Photocells



            Datacard Rubber Roller DeskTop printers                         Datacard DC9000 Pulleys Gears


                 Datacard Magna & ICX Printheads                         Datacard SP & CP Series Display Panel          

20190305_140745.jpg            Datacard_SP55_CP60_Display_Panel.jpg

            Amount of DeskTop Printer Motors & Clutches                       GemEasyLink Micro 680 Mifare Coupler


                 DNP CX210 XID440  SCSI-Interface                      EdiSecure XID580i & CX320 Main boards


                 Evolis Pebble-Dualys Input Hopper                           Evolis Dualys1 boards

20190304_093255.jpg             Evolis_boards.jpg

          Evolis Quantum1 DC Morors & Magnets                  DC280P Boards             

    Evolis_DC__motors.jpg DC280_Boards_Emb_Mag_Top_Gfx.jpg

DNP CX330 XID9300 Parts                                                             DNP CX330 XID9300 Parts


Amount of Datacard Evolis DNP CX330 Gears                            DNP CX210 XID440 Main Contol Board

Gears.JPG 20190304_102625.jpg

          DC150i Topper                                         Ribbons                              Printheads

  Topper_without_the_Foil_Cassette.JPG            Color_ribbons.jpg             Printheads.JPG

      Complete for € 250,00                                               .